Northeast Private Client Group offers exceptional candidates the chance to thrive in a challenging, dynamic industry.

As part of our team, aspiring investment real estate professionals can enhance their skills and develop rich local market expertise.

Just as we believe in relationship building with our clients, we adopt the same approach in developing our own people. Individual success is directly influenced by the culture, support system and operating philosophy of our firm. We steer clear of a “sink or swim” or “go it alone” approach. Even for the most adventuresome self-starter, we value the importance of mentorship, collaboration and partnership with other professionals on the team to build a solid foundation for a successful real estate career.

We actively seek exceptional individuals to help grow market share throughout the region. Qualities that we prize most in candidates are strong interpersonal and communication skills, proven organization and problem solving abilities, and a track record of superior academic and business performance.

Successful candidates will participate in a two-year program which features active mentorship from senior-level agents. The top performers will be selected to join a regional team working with real estate investors in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

If you would like more information, click here to

If you would like more information, click here to